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Randy McIntyre.jpg

Randy McIntyre, Founder

Responsible for all Factory Relationships and Domestic Operations.

38+ years traveling overseas. 27 years at Kmart, including global sourcing and serving as VP of major departments.  Served as consultant for the PGA, Rubbermaid and many smaller companies before founding The Sports Products Group in 2000.

Bill McIntyre.jpg

Bill McIntyre, Operations & Key Account Management

Responsible for all Logistics Operations and Key Account Management, including Walmart, Cabela’s, Bass Pro and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

18+ years traveling overseas. Proficient with EDI, Vendor Portals, Walmart Retail Link, and Trade Card. Manages all factoring with Major Retailer’s Banks.

Glen Cunningham.jpg

Glenn Cunningham, Sales Management & Product Development

Sales Management and Product Development. Manages Key Relationships  with Walmart,  Mossy Oak,  Bass Pro, Cabela’s, and other OEM partners & Retailers

31+  Years in the Hunting and Fishing Industries with Mossy Oak, Avery Outdoors, Vicious Fishing Line, Muddy Water Camo, LLC. and The Sports Products Group.

Donna Marshall.jpg

Donna Marshall, Accounting 

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll & Administration Services.

Phyllis Ho.jpg

Phyllis Ho, Quality Control & Factory Liaison 

Quality Control and Factory Liaison.

Experience: Based out of Hong Kong. 10+ year relationship with The Sports Products Group. Previously worked on  projects for Walmart, Kmart and Nike, including sourcing and QC responsibilities. 

Sherry Chou.jpg

Sherry Chou, Freight Forwarding & Logistics Expertise

Currently based out of Los Angeles with considerable Midwest experience also. 2+ year relationship with The Sports Products Group. Supports team with Logistics and Customs Support.

Shan Rodich.jpeg

Shan Rodich, Product & Packaging Design

Product, Packaging and Marketing Design.

22+ years in Consumer Products and Graphic Design in the Outdoor Industry. 12+ years in Sales and Overseas Manufacturing Production Management. 

44A5C96C-F19C-4F3A-8511-3F8CB4B1D2B5 2.JPG

Sarah Freeman, Marketing

Packaging, Marketing and POS Design


15+ years in Marketing and Operations in Outdoor Industry. Graphic Design Capabilities including Packaging and POS needs. Experience working directly with Overseas factories on packaging.

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